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With so many flat-panel display options now on the market, what is the best approach to making the best choice for a project?

In order to select the proper monitor for any project, there must be an understanding of what experience is to be provided to the viewers and what the surrounding environment will be.

On the experience side, questions around whether you want to offer an interactive vs. a non-interactive experience will determine the need for touch-capable vs. not. The desired experience may also determine the general size of a monitor.

Environmentally, whether a project plans to be located indoors or outdoors makes a huge difference, as there are different brightness needs for a monitor outdoors than there are for one that’s indoors. Do you need the glass to be shatter resistant or not? Weather will also have an impact on determining the IP rating of the monitor.

Generally, you don’t want to buy too much monitor. There are a lot of options out there that I consider (for my retail vertical) unnecessary, such as 4K capable monitors … at least for the near future.

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