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With so many flat-panel display options now on the market, what is the best approach to making the best choice for a project?

When I first started looking at digital signage and the multitudes of hardware selections for displays, things began to blur for me, and my initial reaction was that as long as you had the right support from the vendor/manufacturer, you would be covered for anything in the end. That hasn’t truly been the case, and I’ve learned a little bit about sizes and technologies. Despite ordering the same display model, you could put them side by side and have different color renderings coming from your display.  Sometimes, due to the source, the cabling behind it (for example, an HDMI picture may look slightly different than a DVI, or a DisplayPort), distance of that cabling, any interference on it, but more importantly, due to the color calibration of the displays themselves. What this means is that out of the box, some manufacturer displays will be more blue, more red, more white or whatever than the second display you buy from the same vendor/manufacturer of the same model.  Some companies advertise and pride themselves on that specifically. Out of the box, if you purchase them, you will get two identically calibrated displays that will look identical to one another when placed side by side.  Not all do, so pay attention to the little details, and ask questions. And if possible, try to get a couple of displays for trials and proof of concepts.  

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