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With so many flat-panel display options now on the market, what is the best approach to making the best choice for a project?

We are fortunate, to some degree, that we have fairly set standards when it comes to our digital signage/digital communications projects.  It is a good thing because one of the things we generally know right from the beginning is that we can rely on that standard to dictate what options we have available to us, especially in terms of the flat-panel display we choose. Our decisions on a go-forward basis are generally more tied to that standard than to the application or specifics of the project.  Still, we do need to review our choices on a regular basis, and had to set up some criteria when we first started rolling out screens that helped us make our choice.

I don’t know enough technically about the nuances and difference between screens to really be able to assess different options on my own, so the first thing we did is made sure we set up strong relationships with suppliers that were not tied to any specific manufacturer and willing to work through our business requirements in order to recommend appropriate options. Our overall criteria was fairly simple, and really speaks to how much of it is dictated by the environment you are placing the screen in and how it is going to be used. We knew how much space we had for the first installations we completed, and that pretty much helped to set our standard.

So available space and the purpose for the installation are two main considerations that help to decide the best choice for a screen. You obviously want something that will fit into the location, and function as required. Other criteria would include the overall quality of the picture, how easy it is to integrate, how reliable it is, how durable it is and what the warranty is. In our case, our supplier provided us with a range of options in price and manufacturer that fit our requirements. From there, it was a matter of narrowing the list until we felt we had the best one or two options for us.  At that point, you can use things like manufacturer preference, customer reviews and company information to select the best choice for you and your project.

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