Ask the Board – July 25, 2016 | PAUL FLEURANGES


With so many flat-panel display options now on the market, what is the best approach to making the best choice for a project?

I believe the saying goes “All that glitters isn’t gold.” There is a plethora of eye-popping and gorgeous flat-panel digital display signage on the market, all manufactured by quality manufacturers. But that doesn’t mean what the sales people show you is really for you. 

As with any digital signage product, the first question you have to ask yourself is what is the business use case for the signage? When you answer that, you can then move on to the other fundamental questions you’ll need to answer before you can even begin to think about equipment. You’ll need to know what content you plan to display, how you plan to design your network or signage product and the software you plan on using. It’s then and only then that you should think about hardware—screens, mounts and the like. What is your connectivity? Is your network going to run 24/7/365, or will it be in a space where it will be shut down for eight to 10 hours a day? Will you need audio? What’s the environment, ambient light level and temperature?  Will you need to place the screens in an enclosure? Who’s operating your network? All of these factors, which are really the fundamentals of digital signage, must be addressed and taken into account in any project before you look at screens. 


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