Ask the Board – July 25, 2017 | ADRIAN WEIDMANN


What was the biggest takeaway from Digital Signage Expo 2017 that you’ve been able to use in the months since the show?”

In addition to the many rekindled friendships, the one thing that has come into use numerous times since DSE are the insights shared during those spontaneous, impromptu conversations with colleagues in the aisles, between educational sessions and dinner conversations. There are always golden nuggets of perspectives that can be learned through these brief yet meaningful encounters. This year, I met quite a number of new people and well as guided a number of clients to get better insights with a number of different manufacturers. It was interesting to get their perspectives after their particular meetings. One of the reoccurring challenges is that people who get involved in digital signage implementations still have a very difficult time distinguishing one offering from another in any meaningful way. 

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