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What was the biggest takeaway from Digital Signage Expo 2017 that you’ve been able to use in the months since the show?”

DSE17 offered so many insights in areas of technology, content, planning and operations. Audience targeting and contextual content are proving the value of digital signage application with impact analytics serving as the basis for continuously optimizing benefits realized through the medium. The primary takeaway was to not underestimate the impact of visual place-based media on the unconscious mind where the medium influences brand perception, purchase intent and enjoyment of the environment that it invigorates.

Further insights were offered about the integration of digital signage into a physical environment. A great excitement was in the flexibility and curving of OLED panels. An LG demonstration in which several connected panels formed slowly oscillating waves was very compelling, offering an example of how digital signage could provide a more intriguing viewer engagement through physical movement of the panel. This offers extraordinary potential for digital signage as architectural media. 

The integration of digital signage with online and mobile media showcased on the DSE 2017 show floor and in education sessions also demonstrated significant forward progress in this area of interface. As an “owned” media in the commonly applied paid-owned-earned media model, digital signage has much to contribute on its own and to the value realized by other media investments.  

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