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What was the biggest takeaway from Digital Signage Expo 2017 that you’ve been able to use in the months since the show?”

One of the most relevant sessions for me was one in which the speaker talked about using data as an input to content management. This would require having some evergreen content “in the can” that the content management system could draw from when the appropriate situation arose. For example, if it’s raining, a promotion for umbrellas might display on digital signs. Or, customers who have opted into a store’s loyalty program might receive a text message with a coupon for an item that’s displayed in the store aisle where they are standing.

Since Platt Retail Institute has a strong emphasis on retail analytics, this presentation was very pertinent to the work we’re doing now. I no longer manage a network, but many of our clients do, and we are trying to help them figure out what moves the customer experience forward and what crosses the line and makes customers uncomfortable.

We have done a lot of work recently with RFID and the many use cases for this technology. We’re looking at what the benefits and drawbacks might be. If I’m in a dressing room, and the RFID tag on the dress I’m trying on alerts a sales associate, who brings me complementary accessories? And is that improving my experience or making me feel like I’m way more “visible” than I want to be.

Data has the power to improve the customer experience but the industry is still sorting out the best approaches.

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