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What are the most common mistakes that network operators make, and on what basis should they evaluate new technologies before investing in upgrades?”

Digital signage network operators should use their platforms to their full capacity. Otherwise, the medium becomes undervalued as a whole. Rather than utilizing digital out-of-home as “static posters on TV screens,” network operators should push for the use of richer, hi-resolution video files, dynamic data, and embrace interactive experiences that will help bring audiences and technology closer together.

I think that the best advice with new technologies is to conduct a pilot before investing in it and roll it out gradually, so you can learn and adapt as you expand. The timing required to deploy new technology upgrades is usually under-estimated as not enough hours are dedicated to testing. Additionally, committing to long-term contracts with new technologies should be avoided, so if it doesn’t work out, you can move on.  Start small, test, learn, adapt and expand!

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