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What are the most common mistakes that network operators make, and on what basis should they evaluate new technologies before investing in upgrades?”

Some of the most common mistakes that operators make when choosing new technologies include:

  1. Shiny object chasing – it’s impossible to try every new technology available, and the grass can always look greener when you hear about the latest and greatest new tech.
  • Getting in too early – this can sometimes be costly and dangerous.
  • Assuming technology needs to be customized for your network – the digital signage industry has matured to the point where off-the-shelf technology is now being offered to fit our media, so customization is unnecessary.
  • Taking too long to act – when waiting too long, networks can find that when they do finally decide, the tech is on the cusp of becoming outdated and there are a slew of new guys to consider.

To achieve the best results for evaluating new technologies, the best methods include:

  • Teamwork – build internal teams of experts and work together to quickly reach decisions.
  • External review – get clients involved, when applicable, to get early buy-in.
  • Test and learn – make sure you get your hands on the new tech before buying.
  • Discuss, debate and decide – make sure that key stakeholders buy into the decision to move forward.

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