Ask the Board – July 31, 2017 | JIM NISTA


Do trends like 3D, VR and AR offer content producers more or less flexibility for expressing their message? Why or why not?”

With the exception of glasses-free 3D (which isn’t quite there yet), these technologies require additional tools for the viewers. Adding more for the viewer to do tends to create friction, which means fewer people will become engaged. I feel we will continue to see higher-end content like Virtual or Augmented Reality limited to only the largest budget projects – not just because they require a tremendous amount of effort to create amazing content, but in the best examples, I’ve always seen a handler helping visitors use and appreciate the experience. Even in retail demos of VR gear, I typically see someone helping customers with the experience. Despite some of the challenges, 3D, VR and AR can most certainly help a brand stand out from the crowd with a big budget and higher-end content/creative shop.

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