Ask the Board – July 31, 2017 | JONATHAN DODGE


Do trends like 3D, VR and AR offer content producers more or less flexibility for expressing their message? Why or why not?”

Additional platforms provide new canvases for content, and an ability to push boundaries beyond 2D. Our creative team loves to be challenged and loves the opportunity to work in a space that has no walls. One of the ways we have worked in the 3D space has been projection.  Whether we are mapping objects or projecting onto a semi-transparent surface, there are many ways we can trick the eye and perform illusions with imagery. Public-facing content is continuously challenged with driving views, and new platforms produce a wow-factor that continues to drive our client’s objectives while doing something new in the digital signage space.  

Here is an example of delivering a 3D video to drive additional engagement at an endcap.

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