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How can we expect to see triggered content utilized in the future?

Trigger-based content and advertising are well positioned to become normal in digital signage as programmatic platforms continue to make in-roads and allow for the application of data to prompt serving to a digital sign. We are already seeing trigger-based ads emerge.  Marketers are capitalizing on the benefit of fusing data with digital, using it to bolster their communication strategies and create engaging experiences in the Out-of-Home landscape. 

Triggers can run the gamut from weather to news or even be in response to passersby as the Out-of-Home industry begins to tap mobile audience data to respond to people as they move throughout their day.

Interoperability across digital signage networks, the continued adoption of programmatic platforms and greater standards across the spectrum will all contribute to the advancement and capabilities for trigger ads to serve.  What’s more, this type of responsive advertising or content will likely enhance the value of digital signage as the content will be more contextually relevant,  and as such, more likely to resonate with OOH viewers.

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