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How can we expect to see triggered content utilized in the future?

More than anything, I think we will see triggered content used more widely in the near future. The technology is here already and has been for a while. I think the reason it has not been used more as of yet has to do with marketers simply not having the bandwidth to implement, monitor and evaluate these types of programs as a strategy vs. a one-off tactic. While the technology exists to implement these types of programs, I am hopeful that the tools for evaluating the success of content-triggered strategies becomes more readily available and easier to implement. When compared to the world of online advertising media, measuring the success of triggered content on digital signage is much more difficult to do, often requiring pulling data from multiple sources. There are a number of technologies in development that are aimed at simplifying this process, which I think will lead to a shift in how digital signage is used including the use of more triggered content. 

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