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How can we expect to see triggered content utilized in the future?

Consumer and shopper expectations are leading the way for more personalization, thoughtfulness and utility in all of their shopping experiences. This behavior will push the limits of triggered content on digital signage. Artificial Intelligence will be used to moderate and monitor specific biometric and shopping behavior profiles in an active way vs. a passive strategy. More sophisticated triggers will be needed to satiate the ever-growing expectations for content and authentic conversations between brands/retailers and their customers. 

Predictive models for behavior will also be employed. They will trigger product recommendations, discovery and customer-service-based messages across all types of devices (screens, mobile, online, etc.).

In addition to triggers, new ways to automate the customized, personalized content on the fly will be required to fulfill the “authenticity” of messages. The number of permutations of content will no longer be able to be handled as canned messaging waiting for an external trigger. The content will be built dynamically by sophisticated algorithms that assemble content types into relevant personalized messages. 

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