Ask the Board – June 13, 2016 | JENNIFER ARANI


What, in your opinion, is the single most effective addition to your digital signage network since it launched and why?

Working with corporate digital signage, we are always looking for engagement opportunities and the most valuable would be Rewards and Recognition.  Who doesn’t like seeing their name in lights? Rewards and Recognition is one of the three major pillars of our digital signage content as it not only engages the audience, but also helps us fight the white noise effect and contributes to higher employee engagement.  Meet with your different department managers and find the KPIs or behaviors they wish to highlight. Then, collect a repository of employee photos and, well, just have fun with campaigns!  Mixing in Rewards and Recognition into your content mix will keep the employees looking towards the screens, increasing your company’s chances of the employees seeing other items like Leadership messages and important HR items.  

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