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What, in your opinion, is the single most effective addition to your digital signage network since it launched and why?

When we first began installing digital signage on our hospital campus, we opted for a standard approach. For example, in patient/family areas, we equipped elevator bays with a wayfinding digital sign and a digital sign dedicated to hospital messaging (parking information, announcements, hand hygiene, etc.). A few years later, as we began installing digital signage in other areas of the campus, we got smarter! Instead of requiring two separate digital signs for the elevator bays, we were able to combine the content into one interactive board. So our most recent installations feature one screen that plays the hospital messaging (parking information, announcements, hand hygiene, etc.) until someone engages with it. Once touched, the screen switches to the interactive format and allows users to search and drill down as needed. The cost savings were impactful and the user-friendliness increased.

The only challenge we encountered in this new approach was ensuring users could easily identify the digital sign as an interactive tool when the hospital messaging was playing. Luckily, we had one thing really working for us: The digital signs all over our campus (whether they are interactive or not) often have tiny fingerprints on them. Our curious patients (much more tech savvy than their parents) assume all the boards are interactive! The addition of a callout sticker on the shroud covering the digital signage served to alert those who weren’t already touching the board of the capability.

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