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What, in your opinion, is the single most effective addition to your digital signage network since it launched and why?

The single most effective addition to Captivate since the company launched was the addition of a sales team focused on selling Captivate to property owners and managers. Digital signage distribution can be difficult, and many operators provide their signage to venues, real estate owners and retailers for free. Some pay the partner for the rights to place their signage at the location. At Captivate, our sales team does a great job doing the opposite by selling Captivate as a subscription service. They sell the value of our content and communications platform as an upgraded amenity to the property. This strategy results in a great partnership that creates a win-win situation for everyone. To do this properly, network operators need to create value, have confidence in that value and provide quantifiable proof of value to the client. At Captivate, that proof in value comes from the audience – building tenants who rate the building, lobby and elevator experiences much higher than the tenants in buildings without Captivate. This higher rating helps buildings achieve class “A” status, lower vacancies and higher lease rates. 

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