Ask the Board – June 19, 2017 | JOHN BAILEY


What do you value most about Digital Signage Expo (DSE), and why do you come back every year and recommend that your peers return as well?”

DSE is a great opportunity to engage with people and form stronger partnerships with customers and partners. I attend a lot of industry trade shows, and the ability to connect with people is a real strength of DSE in particular. It’s not so big that attendees get lost in a sea of people , and that makes for more room for people to meet and engage in meaningful ways. I believe I heard that more than 50 percent  of all DSE attendees are end-user customers. That is huge. Not only do we have the opportunity to meet with end-users and engage with them on new opportunities, but we can also learn from them about what their needs are, what their challenges are and where their businesses are headed. I’ve said before that the digital signage industry has no shortage of solutions, suppliers and manufacturers, so it’s refreshing to hear from customers about their real needs. But that’s not to discount the partners that attend this show. Another strength of DSE is in how the partner/suppliers collaborate together to demonstrate integrated solutions in their booths. In many booths, I saw three to four different partners involved in demonstrating integrated solutions. Each would highlight their product, but then also talk about the other partners they are working with. And I don’t just mean talking about them, but actively endorsing and referring them for applications. How refreshing … you don’t see that at most of the other large industry trade shows. Ultimately, what I value most about DSE are the relationships, partnerships and bonds that are formed and strengthened over the short two to three days. 

In addition to the great value that I get from the DSE experience, it’s a growing show and the organizers and sponsors are clearly putting a lot of effort into making improvements to the show and events. It’s one thing to grow an event year over year, but entirely another to actively work on adding value and improving the experience. That’s why I am planning to attend DSE in the years to come.


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