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What do you value most about Digital Signage Expo (DSE), and why do you come back every year and recommend that your peers return as well?”

Here’s what I most value about my experience at DSE… It’s all about the people. I still believe people buy from people. Yes, I know that the world would like to force all of us into a response to a bid, but digital signage is so much more than a box sale. Granted, some digital signage is so drop-dead simple, it can be purchased and installed by almost anyone. But you still don’t have to look too hard to see failed digital signage projects with the signature dark screen or blue screen of death.  

To me, the greatest value to attending DSE is that DSE is THE place where professionals who understand the whole digital signage ecosystem gather. At DSE, you can shake their hands and exchange cards with people that are truly passionate about doing digital signage right. This is the one event where you can find people who can help you solve even the most challenging of problems. Yes, it is a great value to see some of the cutting edge technology, but it is more valuable to meet the people who brought that cutting edge technology to the market. To meet the people who know how it works and more importantly know what it will not do.  DSE is more about the people in the booths than the products in the trade show booth. I don’t care who you are, or how many years you have been involved in digital signage, there is always something new to learn, something new to help you deliver better value to your customers or to your project. After all, digital signage is all about bringing value to the company or organization as a result of their investment, and it is through the professionals that you find at DSE that you find how to bring value to your digital signage project.    

Here’s why I come back every year…

The test of time. Our digital signage projects should bring long-term value to our clients and their organizations. Vendors who are a splash at the show one year, but are not be able to sustain their business sufficiently to return to exhibit the following year tells the whole story. I like all of the vendors represented at DSE, and every year, I make mental notes as to who is on the floor and more importantly who is not. I know that there are some great companies that are not able or choose not to exhibit, but it does make a difference to me. That’s why the solutions I recommend to clients are from among those who have maintained a presence at DSE. Exhibiting with consistency provides a sense of credibility about a company.

Do it right the first time. I am pleased to have the opportunity to teach one or more conference sessions almost every year and am impressed that so many attendees in my classes are at DSE for the first time. While I am grateful that they find it worthy of their time to attend my class and education at DSE, I cannot understand why it has taken them so long to come to the realization that digital signage is a worthwhile investment for any organization. However, it turns out that many, if not most, are attending to learn to fix a broken digital signage system. The old saying about how it is better to measure twice and to cut once directly applies to so many of the less than successful digital signage deployments.  

I come back every year so I can continue to be successful and bring the most value to a digital signage project. Success requires a long-term commitment to constant improvement, and you find out how to do that at DSE better than any other show.  


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