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What changes have you made to meet increasing regulatory compliance and protect against litigation?

Borrowed images  
Terrific photos and illustrations are easily found online, often with no copyright or watermark.  We are very careful to ensure that we use only material for which we obtain rights and permission to use. Sometimes this means that we must pay for the rights, and sometimes we simply need to obtain written permission.  Whatever the situation, our creative team is scrupulous about sourcing and completing the approval process.

Stock images are often available for purchase, by the drink or via subscription.  All are reasonably priced and well worth the time, money and effort compared with the hassles that could arise from unauthorized use of others’ materials.

Borrowed music
Much music found online is subject to the same copyright issues.  Careful attention to rights usage is an increasingly important part of the creative production process.

Customers’ approval
Contractually, we are required by virtually every customer we have to show them any creative product that includes a reference to them.  For example, we must show Boeing any printed or digital piece that includes a Boeing plane or reference to one.  We make hundreds of products for most Boeing aircraft. As a supplier, we must obtain Boeing’s review and approval to include a reference to one of its programs.  This makes good sense and, in turn, we ask it of our suppliers.

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