Ask the Board – June 20, 2016 | JESSE BREIDINGER


What changes have you made to meet increasing regulatory compliance and protect against litigation?

The new FDA regulations have been a very big deal for the food and beverage industry. Although the mandate to include caloric information on menu boards has been pushed back, it is no doubt coming very soon.  Many companies involved in this industry have started to do the appropriate research to get ready for this change.  Digital menu boards are one of the ways to make this transition easier. We’ve been looking into new templates and layouts to make sure caloric information is incorporated into menu designs for those who are looking for it, but that it does not detract from the overall goal of the menu board. Digital signage will make it quick and inexpensive to transition when the time comes for the mandate to take effect. Therefore, digital signage has become more of a focus including enhancements in software, hardware and partnerships. The change to focus on digital vs. static will make a big impact for the consumer experience including the incorporation of these new FDA guidelines.

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