Ask the Board – June 20, 2016 | PAUL FLEURANGES


What changes have you made to meet increasing regulatory compliance and protect against litigation?

There are numerous legal and regulatory liabilities that operators of digital signage need to be aware of as they roll out their networks. When we began the On-The-Go Travel Station pilot almost five years ago, we made sure that our legal department was involved in the process at the appropriate time. Given the fact that NYC Transit is an operating authority of the larger Metropolitan Transportation Authority of New York — which itself is a public benefit corporation — there’s not much we do that doesn’t get run by legal at some point. Even if it’s just to “CYA” as they say. 

We also made it a point to involve our Office of ADA Compliance early on so that we met any and all current ADA requirements that pertain to digital signage and interactive, touchscreen kiosks. As we continue to roll out additional units with new features, both our legal and ADA compliance teams will be consulted. This will be especially true as regulations begin to catch up with the technology. 

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