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What changes have you made to meet increasing regulatory compliance and protect against litigation?

Meeting regulatory compliance and protecting against litigation is an ongoing process.  It is like herding cats. It can be done, but it’s challenging. We all have the basic concepts of what to do to prevent the “darker” side of our business to get exposed. It is the continually changing aspect of the regulations that makes it hard and how much continually comes out.  With that being said, we start with a general “blanket” statement when coming on grounds, our Code of Conduct. This doesn’t necessarily cover digital signage, but it does inform everyone about dress code, information displayed, removal from premises, age-specific events, on-grounds conduct, photography, video, etc., enough information to keep our lawyers happy. This allows us to open our digital displays to show and take pictures of clients for our benefit and theirs.  Show client requested information without the backlash that may come to more public sites. This really opens up the suggestions and ideas specific to the client’s needs.  This is a real benefit for them as well.

The second part is our external signage.  Staff monitors and abides by the regulations set forth by city, local and county guidelines on what can be displayed, how fast, how long, how bright, etc. Since these are “publicly” viewable, team members go through and verify that all information on the display meets the requirements set by the agencies.  It is an ongoing challenge, and I can really see this as a touchy point for many truly public locations.  It doesn’t take much in terms of training and basic guidelines to get through 95 percent of the most common items. The process has high risk if done wrong with no or little reward, but also allows for change, if needed, on a moment’s notice.  Do some bedtime reading on the topic. It’s not as bad as it seems.

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