Ask the Board – June 26, 2017 | CHRISTINA RADIGAN


What do you value most about Digital Signage Expo (DSE), and why do you come back every year and recommend that your peers return as well?”

Digital Signage Expo is valuable to me because it is the nation’s largest conference dedicated to the fastest growing sector of the Out-of-Home medium, which is the space in which I work. I always find a vast array of new and innovative technologies on exhibit, combined with educational programs, tailored not only for my needs, but also geared toward virtually every aspect of the digital signage industry, such as measurement, mobile and data integration, return on investment, emerging technologies as well as programmatic practices. It’s an excellent opportunity to accelerate learning and proficiency in digital signage, and I count on it to learn something new every year.

DSE always provides new conference content and speakers. To ensure each session is relevant, DSE relies on members of their Advisory Board to guide the topic and speaker selection, ensuring that the final conference program represents and addresses all topical aspects of the digital signage industry.  

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