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Based on past experiences, what lessons can be learned from failures with network implementation/operation?

Launching and maintaining a digital signage network is a complicated, complex endeavor. Left to chance, if something can go wrong, it will go wrong. There are many lessons we’ve learned.  Don’t assume that the installer/AV team will place screens in the proper location. I’ve seen screens mounted where they face AWAY from the customers line of sight and/or 15 feet off the floor/above eye level, etc. A trusted expert needs to walk the space to ensure that screens are mounted according to the plan, not according to the whim of the install crew. Don’t assume that personnel who work on site will keep track of the health of the network. In most cases, they won’t pay attention.  In extreme cases, they will resort to sabotage. I know of one retail network where sales associates, weary of hearing audio messaging repeat over and over, physically cut speaker cables. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, don’t assume that the network will run itself. Someone needs to be on point, having the responsibility of the day-to-day network operations.  The technology is constantly improving.  But a living, breathing human being still needs to be at the helm, making sure the technology continues to function as effectively on Day 300 as it did on Day One.


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