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The cost of creating and managing content can become onerous, particularly for small teams with limited resources. What are your secrets for effective content creation on a modest budget?”

Creating effective content on a limited budget can be a challenge for any business. But a big budget doesn’t always mean better, and there are many ways of reducing costs while still executing compelling creative for digital signage.

Original content and custom photography is ideal, but you can avoid expensive photo and video shoots by using stock imagery. Many brand and content creators take advantage of the very affordable and incredible range of high-quality photo and video assets available from stock photography distributors. You can also build an asset library by picking up stills and video footage from television or print advertising shoots your brand or client might do. If you build a generic creative asset toolkit, you can repurpose or recycle throughout the year and reduce the need and frequency to invest in new content creative.

Look for opportunities to partner with another brand to not only cross-promote offers, but to also share the creative development costs. Take full advantage of any co-op funds you might have with any brands or venues that you are working with.

You can also partner with a small digital creative design agency to avoid the large agency fee structures as digital signage isn’t broadcast creative so the creative development costs shouldn’t be the same.

Lastly, continue to evaluate how often you need to change your content, and devote time to manage the curation. It’s very helpful to understand how often your target audience is actually seeing the content when you’re trying to determine how often to change it out. If your audience is made up of mostly infrequent visitors to your store or venue, don’t invest in changing content more often than needed. And if you can, avoid showing price points that might change based on seasonality or sales trends. This will reduce the time and cost for creative editing. Also, schedule short playlists that don’t require frequent revision.

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  1. Hey there Angie.

    Thanks for the article.

    One of the things we have done and found hugely successful is build most of our communication around earned media (i.e. publicity). For instance, our company has been featured numerous times on the Discovery Channel. We’ve also been featured on the evening news in countries around the world.

    I think one of the biggest opportunities – and most under-used – for all businesses is having a strategy for earned-media. In other words, have other people create the content with the story you tell them.

    What it does is require you to be really good at distilling your core message into a really great story that is of interest. The act of doing this then translates into the rest of your marketing efforts. It forces clarity, cohesion and consistency of voice. You have to be relevant and entertaining.

    Not sure if I can do this but here’s a link to one of our past features:


  2. Excellent advice.. especially your point that has tactics following strategy. Since content is the “payload” of the dynamic signage delivery system, it has to deliver the results when it appears in front of audiences. The medium is all about influencing attitudes and behaviours, so as you’ve stated so well, defining the “why” is key.

    I look really to your future posts.

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