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The cost of creating and managing content can become onerous, particularly for small teams with limited resources. What are your secrets for effective content creation on a modest budget?”

Content can be created on a modest budget by following three fundamental steps:

1) Start with existing content.

2) Collaborate with other agency partners.

3) C.O.P.E. (Create Once. Publish Everywhere.).

Start with existing content. Unless you are working on a complete stand-alone digital signage initiative, it’s likely that the deployment will be part of an overall marketing ecosystem. This means that broadcast and video spots may already be created as well as static assets from catalogs, in-store signage, etc. Always begin with an audit of pre-existing marketing assets and look for opportunities to reengineer those assets to fit the unique needs of digital signage.

We have found one of the best sources for content at a minimal incremental cost. This comes through collaborating with other agency partners. Here’s a perfect example: You know the AOR is shooting a broadcast spot, and they let you review the storyboards in advance. Knowing what your upcoming requirements are for the digital signage network, you can have the AOR shoot some B-roll footage that you can repurpose for your digital signage needs.

At SJC, we have a workflow philosophy we call C.O.P.E. (Create Once. Publish Everywhere.)  Quite simply, if you are creating original content for your digital signage needs, consider what other content can be easily created for other media. Much like the AOR shoots B-roll footage for you, perhaps you can capture still photos during a video shoot to be shared with other agencies. Creating this culture around content development delivers the best value over the long run.

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