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The cost of creating and managing content can become onerous, particularly for small teams with limited resources. What are your secrets for effective content creation on a modest budget?”

I have three tips: Systems, Templates and Automation.

  1. Systems – responding to content needs as if it is a fire drill, and always completely disorganized, increases the headaches and decreases efficiency. Put together a system for content requests, content design, content approval and content scheduling. Keep it organized. 
  2. Templates – think strategically up-front about what “types” of ads/messages you want to push via your network and create scalable/flexible templates that can easily be edited by someone who does not have design skills. This decreases the number of people needing to touch each content item before it is scheduled and decreases the level of skills required to push the message. 
  3. Automation – there are two types of automation:

The first is to use internal content pushed out through automated templates such as an Excel file with everyone’s birthday and picture or sales figures for corporate communications environments. 

The second form of automation is to use a licensed third-party data provider such as Screenfeed to help you augment the “freshness” of the content. You can get away with not updating your custom ads/messages as often when the news story right next to it is about an event that just happened an hour ago or the weather just before the ad updated a minute ago. The perception of the screens from the perspective of the audience is that they’re fresh far longer, even if they have seen the same custom message 10 times before. It just feels like someone has touched it recently, and something new is always relevant to them every time they look at the screens. This has a dramatic effect on decreasing audience burnout to your screens so that your audience will still be there when you do get around to updating those custom content messages. 

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