Ask the Board – June 6, 2016 | BRYAN MESZAROS


What role do you see holograms and/or virtual reality playing in the future of digital signage content?

Ironically, this question comes as we are about to execute on our first hologram project! For both VR and holograms, it comes down to the environment and what the application is intended for. We are working with an entertainment attraction client, so the application is focused on bringing to life an illusion through use of a hologram. It’s an interesting technology, and I could see some unique retail applications given your expectations for a display size are reasonable. By that, I mean we are using RealFiction display cases, which are not necessarily large but a decent size to get the message across. Anything larger would require a significant budget.

As for VR, it is appropriate at times but still not truly cost effective. There are a lot of consumer-grade cameras that are coming onto the market thatwill make it easier to create a 360 experience. For example, Samsung’s Gear 360 will be out soon andties nicely into their VR Goggles for an enjoyable experience. However, what is overlooked is that these cameras will not record video at a high resolution as they are really intended for still photography. To capture that great video, you need to invest in high-end camera technology to pull that off, which is costly. When the technology does improve, I can see VR becoming a mainstream for digital signage. Until such time, it will be primarily a “flagship budgeted experience.”

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