Ask the Board – June 6, 2016 | DANIEL ORME-DOUTRE


What role do you see holograms and/or virtual reality playing in the future of digital signage content?

VR/Holograms/AR will definitely be a future part of digital signage and display technology. As more wearables and the technology behind them become ubiquitous, the display and CMS technologies will have to address their backend technology code to accommodate. It’s a gold rush now with HoloLens, HTC Vive, Oculus, PlayStation, 360 photospheres and 360 streaming. It will be a few years before one or two are dominant and standards can be created to accommodate, but the use cases are phenomenal. Tracking, personal information, location, information exchanges and reactions could augment user experiences in any environment with this technology. Even in VR environments that could be enjoyed at a user’s home could contain digital displays that showcase ads or info. Watch a concert in 360 live in your home with ticker boards rolling across the bottom of the stage based on your location or preferences. Imagine walking in a mall or through a store where displays can be holographically tied to your glasses and take you into a deeper world of the product cycle. Signage will not go away, it will only shift and mold into the new technologies!

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