Ask the Board – June 6, 2016 | MARK ZWICKER


What role do you see holograms and/or virtual reality playing in the future of digital signage content?

I think there is an opportunity for holograms and/or virtual reality playing a supporting role in an overall in-store experience. In large part, many of the examples I have seen to date, while visually interesting, don’t really help the consumer on their path to purchase.

At this year’s DSE, I saw what I thought was an excellent use of hologram/3D technology. The vendor had real products on display within clear pyramids, while the 3D holograms appeared and floated around the product. This is truly augmented reality.

Using this type of approach, you can provide visually rich information layered on top of real products, which is sort of the best of both worlds. What I like most about this example is that it has the wow factor of a new technology, while also providing useful information to the consumer.

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