Ask the Board – June 6, 2016 | STEVE GLANCEY


What role do you see holograms and/or virtual reality playing in the future of digital signage content?

 The answer to this question is only speculation because I obviously do not know the future. My best guess is that it will play a significant role, <em>eventually</em>. However, I think that we’re still a ways away from this technology hitting any sort of critical mass/adoption, and, until it does, I don’t see it playing a huge roll when it comes to digital signage content.

When it does hit critical mass/adoption, virtual reality will take precedent over reality, including digital signage public screens in the sense that it will be closer to the eye than any sort of screen placed in public. Imagine ad-block software detecting digital signage screens and blocking any content while walking around in public. Or, replacing screen spaces with alternative preselected content. Or, any one of a million possibilities once virtual reality becomes reality (see what I did there?).

Any speculation on timing for this is purely a guess but I’m a futurist so I would expect it to be here in about 10 years. When it does come to critical mass, it will likely be a game changer for the industry and companies will have to adapt to currently unimagined apps/technology yet to be created that build, manage and deliver content via virtual reality.

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