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What role do you see holograms and/or virtual reality playing in the future of digital signage content?

Boundless & Contextual Mixed-Reality Experiences
The future of digital signage is not bound by a ratio, limited by its duration or even space. It is fueled by predictive modeling and personalized by our behaviors to deliver the most immersive branded experience possible…and it is actionable.

Imagine walking through a public space and seeing a “sign” with a beautiful image of Costa Rica. Your wearable device visually augments and transforms the mundane corridors of the shopping center into a rustic vine-laden adventure filled with chirping exotic birds and babbling brooks. As you pass the display, the Costa Rican environment seems to slowly fade away until you look down at your mobile device and see it surrounded by options from trip booking to live walking tours of the rainforest.

The rules and realities in which we think about, deliver and experience content are currently being reinvented, and in the near future, these mixed-reality scenarios will become a reality.

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