ASK THE BOARD: Lack of Standards

How are you planning to circumvent the lack of standards as one of the key threats to industry growth?
This week’s question is answered by members of the DSE Advisory Board

Read the Answer by Jonathan Brawn

“That’s an interesting question, and since I am not a network operator, I can’t really circumvent standards … but I can advocate for how much we need them. Standards will set best practices for customer experiences and allow consultants such as myself the justification…”
Principal – Brawn Consulting

Read the Answer by Lyle Bunn

“The standards that enable interoperability and quality of service do not appear to have thwarted industry growth or delayed installations. Once end users realize that integration of the specific vendor platform brings interoperability within the possible digital signage…”
Advisor, Analyst, Educator – BUNN

Read the Answer by Ignaz Gorischek

“I have spent my entire 37-year career in retail, specifically department stores, with the last 29 years focused on luxury. We all know what has happened to the brick and mortar stores with the introduction of Internet shopping.”
Vice President, Retail – CallisonRTKL

Read the Answer by Jeff Porter

“A few years back (from 2006 to 20112), I served on the Board of Directors of POPAI, a trade association for retail marketing. That association has been around for 50+ years and has membership from nearly all brands and retailers around the world.”
Founder & CEO – Porter Digital Signage

Read the Answer by Adrian Weidmann

“I started my professional career as a sales engineer for a Danish testing and measurement company whose gold standard technology and products defined, met and exceeded many global standards. We used to have a saying that went something like, “Standards are a wonderful thing…”
Founder & Principal – StoreStream Metrics, LLC

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