ASK THE BOARD: Learning From Overhauls

What are your top three takeaways from a digital signage overhaul?
This week’s question is answered by members of the DSE Advisory Board

Read the Answer by Joel Allard

“My thoughts are focused on a hardware/software overhaul, rather than a content overhaul.
1 – You will need a bigger team (internally and externally) than you think you do. Make sure to leave room on everyone’s plate for punch-lists, revisits and unexpected defects or issues.”
Senior Creative Specialist, In-Store Digital – Target

Read the Answer by Doug Anderson

“1) The first and most obvious benefit would be to upgrade hardware (displays and media players), which would provide sharper images at reduced power for greater reliability.”
Senior Director – Digital Strategy and Innovation
LA Metro Transit

Read the Answer by Floyd Appleman

“My top three takeaways from a digital signage overhaul include the following:
1. Our media players would be fanless so that they could handle the elements easier in the debris-filled atmosphere of a QSR restaurant.”
Manager, Technology Development – The Wendy’s Company

Read the Answer by Jennifer Arani

“1. Create a committee of stakeholders within your company to ensure you are aligned with any IT, Asset management, Telecom or Networking rules. “
Digital Signage Coordinator – Farmers Insurance Group

Read the Answer by David August

“There are a lot of components to a digital signage network. Media players, content management, networking infrastructure, content creation, large-format displays, implementation companies and they all play a critical part in the success of your project.”

Manager, Venue Technology & Production
Maple Leaf Sports Entertainment

Read the Answer by Dana Baird

“We actually transitioned to our own in-house signage player and network. We installed a Dell solid-state player on our network that we service ourselves. We use Navori as our platform but control the rest of our head office.”

Audio Visual Concept Director – JOEY Restaurant Group

Read the Answer by Jesse Breidinger

“If you’re overhauling digital signage, there is going to be a lot of strategy required.
From my experience, one must have the right partner(s) in place to manage this process.”
Senior Customer Marketing Manager – The Coca-Cola Company

Read the Answer by Algernon Callier

“I would not say we have embarked on a comprehensive Digital Signage overhaul. However, on a select basis in specific areas for certain use-cases, we have consistently upgraded our digital signage capability.”
VP | Strategic Innovation & Emerging Technology
Universal Parks & Resorts

Read the Answer by Penny Carter

“Is your digital signage system old or not working as expected? Are you planning a complete or partial overhaul? If so, it is important to specify the goals or takeaways you expect from this change and/or improvement.”

Digital Signage Lead – Lockheed Martin

Read the Answer by Lawrence Chang

“My top three takeaways from a digital signage overhaul are essentially the same lessons learned from implementing a digital signage system in the first place.”
Director, IT – Calgary TELUS Convention Centre

Read the Answer by Jorge de la Parra

“There were a few key takeaways during the initial foray into signage: 1) Don’t underestimate height clearances; especially as menu boards in restaurants a. This is especially true in retrofits”
Director, Business Consulting Services – Jack In The Box

Read the Answer by Dominic DeSieno

“It’s said that content is king, and in my experience, it truly is. People need to break out of their ‘PowerPoint’ state of mind and think more like television programmers. They need to think…”
Digital Signage Technical Lead, Corporate Video Services Team
Wells Fargo

Read the Answer by Len Dudis

“Approaching it from an end user perspective, my top three takeaways are: 1) To make sure business objectives and expectations are clearly set ahead of time, 2) To set a clear list of responsibilities and expectations with internal and external resources, and…”

CIO – Grupo Vidanta

Read the Answer by Kim Dwyer

“While we have yet to do an overhaul of our system, here are three takeaways that have led to significant changes in our digital signage system.”
Corporate Communications Senior Account Manager – Nationwide Children’s Hospital

Read the Answer by Michael Dwyer

“A move to digital signage is a big investment that takes a great deal of planning to not just deploy but to see the benefits signage can offer. Here are three takeaways to consider…”
Senior Marketing Manager, Digital – Subway

Read the Answer by Adam Feldman

“In general, based on the size and scale of this overhaul, there may be lots of other potential variations to these takeaways, but my top three are…”
Executive Director, Audio Visual Systems and Digital Media Distribution – MGM Resorts International

Read the Answer by Paul Fleuranges

“Objectives, objectives, objectives. Everyone wants to upgrade their network before it reaches the end of a useful life. The problem becomes wanting all the shiny new toys and not thinking about what the objective of the overhaul is.”

Vice President, Corporate Communications – New York City Transit Authority

Read the Answer by Cheryl Flohr

“Compatibility is critical. When replacing multiple systems, we make a point of using common manufacturers. This leverages our dollar in negotiating the sale, while keeping our point of contact simple and direct.”

Director, Communications – Parker Aerospace

Read the Answer by Mark Geiger

“My three takeaways from any digital signage overhaul would be: 1.Did it improve upon what I had in place? 2. Will it enable our group to sell more and see a Return on Investment (ROI)?”
Associate Director, Marketing & Business Development – Georgia World Congress Center

Read the Answer by Joshua Goodwin

“Usually, when overhauling your digital signage platform, you have the luxury of time. That is to say, it is normally something proactive. Because of this, you have the distinct advantages of planning, researching and testing your prospective purchase.”

Digital Media Specialist – Eileen Fisher, Inc.

Read the Answer by Spencer Graham

“First, depending on what “vintage or era” the older digital signage would fall under, this would be a good time to consider what new or added technology can or should be incorporated into the new deployment.”
Manager of Operations, Information Stations, Interactive Video, Network & Web ServicesWest Virginia University

Read the Answer by Jerry Harris

“In my experience the need for a digital signage network overhaul is warranted for a series of factors. The most obvious is aging or failing equipment. There’s not much to take away from having this type of overhaul…”

Senior Director, Exhibits Graphics & AV Services – Georgia Aquarium

Read the Answer by Joshua Johnson

“Digital signage within physical retail at AT&T has been through several overhauls over the past few years. The primary force behind our digital evolution has been driven by the need for enhanced digital storytelling, integration of actionable business intelligence and adoption of new branded retail experiences.”

Sr Marketing Manager, Digital Innovation & Strategy – AT&T

Read the Answer by Thomas Kunka

“The challenges in overhauling a large digital signage network can rival or surpass those of creating it for a university campus. Networks can quickly grow in the number of signs…”

Senior Application Specialist – University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign

Read the Answer by Terry McFarland

“I live in a world of interactive signage—basically signage people can touch. There are three significant areas that have evolved quickly in the last few years that have made a large impact on what we’ve needed to deliver recently.”

Manager, Disney Information Design & Experience
Walt Disney Parks & Resorts

Read the Answer by Jennifer Merrill

“Top three takeaways from a digital signage overhaul (installation):
1. Have your maintenance plan and processes in place before going live. This should include all content managers, stakeholders, IT support, etc.”
Program Manager – Amazon

Read the Answer by Patricia Mitrano

“An overhaul or upgrade of a digital signage system needs a strong focus on strategy, technology and connection/relevance. The good news is that there is an opportunity to analyze, review and improve on what has worked previously.”

Director of Visual Communications – Newark Beth Israel Medical Center

Read the Answer by Rich Morris

“My three takeaways are: 1. The solution must provide multiple options for customer interactivity/way-finding, etc.2. The solution must integrate with the most popular sales and catering systems…”
Director, Hotel and Resort Operations Systems – Hilton Worldwide

Read the Answer by Daniel Orme-Doutre

“Test Test Test. Whether you upgrade hardware, OS, software or your feature set, always test in a safe, non-public environment before going live! Your overhaul plan should have a test schedule.”
Senior Content Publishing Manager – Microsoft

Read the Answer by Jim Riley

“A digital signage overhaul can immediately improve communication. It opens up a wide array of options as opposed to promoting just one thing. We can better target our audience by tailoring messages that are relevant to the group and up to date. “

Director of Marketing – Columbus Blue Jackets

Read the Answer by Wayne Rorex

“Although in the public sector, overhauls rarely happen in digital signage. The vast majority of signage is for delivering raw information with little or no ROI. New construction could dictate new signage.”
Management Analyst – City of Los Angeles

Read the Answer by David Saleme

“When completing a signage overhaul, three takeaways that have helped consideration for future efforts include: 1) identifying any equipment that can be reused, 2) proper timing and 3) justifying the upgrade…”

Manager, Business Development – Columbus Regional Airport Authority

Read the Answer by Allegra Sandelli

“1. Go back to basics: Pull your original scope document and review your original objectives and the purpose of the digital signage system. What was marketing trying to accomplish? What was HR trying to achieve?”
Senior Vice President, Marketing
TD Bank, America’s Most Convenient Bank®

Read the Answer by Ralph Schorbach

“As we round out the last days of the L.A. County Fair, and having power supply issues on our main entrance gate LED board, the topic of top consideration for digital signage overhaul is really fresh in my mind.”
IT Manager – Fairplex

Read the Answer by Amy Shaw

“At McCarran International Airport, we did not “overhaul” to digital signage but have been incorporating digital signage by adding locations to the existing signage program.”
Airport Concession Manager
McCarran International Airport

Read the Answer by Jessica Stevens

“1. Understanding overall TCO on hardware and software before making any type of vendor commitment. 2. Evaluation of the existing solution (if needed) to assure that changes are warranted to provide additional function and/or cost savings.”

Senior IT Deployment & DS Capability Manager – Best Buy

Read the Answer by Dave Taylor

“My top three takeaways for a digital signage overhaul are as follows: 1.Software. If you are doing an overhaul, you are probably looking at new software and playback platforms.”
Digital Signage Engineer – American Eagle Outfitters

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