ASK THE BOARD: Localizing Content

What are some ways to localize content on a large-scale digital signage network?
This week’s question is answered by members of the DSE Advisory Board

Read the Answer by Jennifer Arani

“A successful digital signage system in a corporate environment will stem from a healthy balance between enterprise messaging and local flare. Ensuring that mixed in with your company’s leadership messages and business strategy…”

Digital Signage Coordinator – Farmers Insurance Group

Read the Answer by Penny Carter

“In a large-scale digital signage network, it is imperative to have the option of localizing content in order to reduce the amount of bandwidth used. Where I work, we have incorporated many ways to do this.”
Digital Signage Lead – Lockheed Martin

Read the Answer by Jonathan Dodge

“Localizing content is a critical goal for many of our clients, and content requirements can vary greatly. A retailer may wish to offer store-specific deals; a restaurant may wish to…”
EVP, Business Development – Freshwater Digital Media Partners

Read the Answer by Steve Glancey

“One option is to use automated localized content like weather, sports, news, community events, radar, traffic, local health conditions, flight boards etc. to create a deeper engagement with your audience about the things that are especially relevant to them.”

Vice President Business Development – ScreenFeed

Read the Answer by Margit Kittridge

“The convergence of data and technology makes it possible for digital signage networks to complement a customer’s daily journey in truly meaningful ways. Whether delivering real-time updates on train arrivals or the latest scores of favorite sports teams…”

Vice President, Digital Director – Intersection

Read the Answer by Bryan Meszaros

“There are a couple of “simple” methods for developing a localized content strategy that will help keep the audience engaged and the focus of the program relevant to the intended audience.”
CEO & Founder – OpenEye

Read the Answer by Jim Nista

“One great way to handle localization is via HTML5 and data-driven content. HTML5 allows for animated templates that reference data feeds in real-time. For example, a daily special template for a quick service restaurant might allow for local managers…”

CEO – Insteo

Read the Answer by Marcos Terenzio

“Creating localized content for a large-scale digital signage network can sometimes be challenging. Finding a good balance between budget and volume of content produced is usually one of the biggest obstacles.”
Digital Creative Experience – Shikatani Lacroix Design

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