ASK THE BOARD: What Makes Ad Space Worth Purchasing?

Besides dwell time and price, how do you decide if digital signage ad space is worth purchasing?
This week’s question is answered by members of the DSE Advisory Board

Read the Answer by Manolo Almagro

“Dwell time and price are but a few of the several dimensions that are taken into account when evaluating the value of digital OOH ad space. The other criteria that are brought into the consideration set are location, demographics and the opportunity for…”
Senior Managing Director, Innovation + Technology

Read the Answer by Phil Lenger

“Advertisers want to reach consumers with the right message at the right time and in the right place. In an omnichannel world, that can bring new opportunities and challenges for brands and their agencies as they try to reach their audience and influence…”
President & Creative Director
Show + Tell

Read the Answer by Patricia Mitrano

“Most likely, dwell time and price have been determined by the audience served, but it is important to be given as much detail and background information about the audience as possible. Their reason for being at the location of the digital screen,…”
Director of Visual Communications
Newark Beth Israel Medical Center

Read the Answer by Rick Robinson

“There’s a complex decision matrix at work—a mix of hard science coupled with art and instinct. The baseline costs of entry are in the core facts: geography, impressions, audience demography, screen size, spot length, etc., all of which are usually the top-line filter.”
Partner/Chief Operating Officer

Read the Answer by Daniel Wilkins

“There are a few other very important factors to consider when evaluated digital signage for advertising purposes. First and foremost, does the signage deliver to the audience that our client is trying to target, or to put another way,…”
Chief Client Officer
Agency 672

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