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If you can’t cost-effectively or cosmetically get a direct network connection to the digital signage player, what viable alternatives exist?”

Generally, a LAN/Wi-Fi connection is preferred in most situations, although this may not be possible on a consistent basis depending on numerous external factors. Those factors include:

  • Cost of network drops or Wi-Fi infrastructure
  • Physical limitations of the desired installation location
  • Customer-driven demands preventing installation of a LAN/Wi-Fi network.
  • Security concerns

One alternative is to leverage a mobile broadband card for network connectivity. The cost of this service will be dependent on both the volume of devices you plan on buying as well as the volume of data you intend to consume. Generally speaking, a signage application that streams content will not lend itself well to a mobile broadband solution due to the cost of the data package, but other applications that store and cache content locally may work very well. Another non-networking related method that can be leveraged is a SD card with the content pre-loaded. This alleviates the need for a direct network connection (PRO) but limits your ability to track analytics and can be costly to deploy due to the manual effort required (CON).

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