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What tips would you give to first- time attendees at Digital Signage Expo?”

There is something for every type of digital signage user at the expo. Whether you are a small store planning to install point-of-purchase, a university or corporation with multiple facilities and a diverse audience or a sports stadium using signage for wayfinding, advertising and entertainment, Digital Signage Expo will have terrific information and ideas for you.

Be sure to spend enough time in the exhibits

The exhibits from countless industry companies bring their A game with new technology on display ranging from the ultra-large and extreme to the simple and practical.  Engage with the suppliers and ask questions.  Without a doubt, you’ll come away with a number of new ideas and solutions.

Don’t skip the seminars

The speakers in the seminars and classes are experts in the industry. Their experience, advice and pointers are invaluable. The value of these classes is significant.


The expo offers a terrific opportunity to meet other professionals, trading challenges and solutions. It affords a rare chance to talk directly with people working in similar environments, using the same technology to tackle problems that may be part of your world, too: communication, growing a market or business or enhancing safety.

Overall, Digital Signage Expo is a great way to grow in understanding and usage.  I wouldn’t miss it!

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