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What tips would you give to first- time attendees at Digital Signage Expo?”

Tip-1 Take a few minutes to check out the Education Planner & Show Guide. There are so many seminars and roundtables, you won’t possibly be able to attend them all so it’s vitally important to schedule an itinerary to include most of the topics of interest to you and your organization.

Tip-2 Bring extra business cards with you. You’ll need them!

Tip-3 Make two passes through the Exhibit Hall. First, stroll up and down every aisle to acclimate yourself with the various booths of interest and hopefully discover new products and services you might not have even been aware of. Technology changes fast these days! Jot down the booth numbers as you progress. Then, on the second pass, take your time visiting the booths you marked to gather additional information.

Tip-4 Use your smartphone to photograph products of interest to be able to share your experience with others in your organization that might not have been able to attend.

Tip-5 Note any special lunches or dinners scheduled by vendors of interest. You’ll have loads of fun and learn from the experience of others at the same time.

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