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What tips would you give to first-time attendees at Digital Signage Expo?”

I’ve been attending DSE for more than seven years now, and it has become one of my staple conferences each year. I’ve enjoyed watching it grow from a conference focused on the technology and electronic side to innovation, brands and technology. As an attendee of CES, SXSW and other major conferences, this one won’t feel so overwhelming that you need a tour guide. That is one of the things I love about this conference. It’s very rich in attendance for high-end technology companies, but the floor is approachable. I’d recommend doing your homework before the conference and studying what companies are going to be on the floor. Reach out in advance. These companies, large and small, spend a lot of effort to showcase their products. If you can, schedule a few times with a few vendors to get a one-on-one treatment. I always make an effort to do this and select both large and small vendors even if they have nothing to do with my industry because you never know what you might learn. A hidden gem is the on-floor seminars that are available throughout the day. You can really learn a lot in a short amount of time. 

Onto the conference offerings: Find your expertise and take that first Tuesday and attend everything and sit in the front of the room. In my world, it’s the Digital Out-of-Home Strategy Summit, and this year’s lineup is packed with knowledgeable expertise in the field. This year’s Keynote will be Phil Lenger, President of Show + Tell. He will talk about the Evolution or Revolution we should be having in our industry!  Other topics will be: Smart Cities, Internet of Things, Future of DOOH and Global Digital Out-of-Home Insights. Go at this day hard, and take tons of notes, but from the panelist and questions that are asked by the audience. Some top Directors, C-Level and founders of start-ups as well as seasoned OOH companies and Ad Agencies will attend this conference. I say go hard the first day understanding this is Vegas and Tuesday night WILL be rough unless you lock yourself into your hotel room, and it’s located off the strip!

Wednesday and Thursday are always filled with great conference seminars, roundtables and workshops that will help you gain insights to help grow your position and sales within your company. 

Here is a little clip that I did last year for DSE and the value of attending this conference

I look forward to running into you at the conference or the trade floor at DSE!

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