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What tips would you give to first- time attendees at Digital Signage Expo?”

Spend some time going through the website ( well before the show, and set some priorities on what you want to take away from it. Ask yourself, ‘What brings you to the show?’ and ‘What do you need to learn the most about?’ Base your session choices and expo hall journey on that, but also be careful not to overfill your day with activities.

There are more sessions and exhibitors at the show than you can realistically cover. I always look at the map and mark which booths I definitely want to visit, but then I leave myself room to wander and discover. You may also find yourself visiting a booth, and making an appointment for a more in-depth tour or discussion later in the show, so keep some free time in your day for that.

Additional tips:

  • Download the app. You can use it to help manage where and when you need to be somewhere, be it a session or a booth.
  • Wear sensible shoes..
  • Drink water.
  • Bring a power bank or mobile device charger, so you’re not stuck sitting on the floor out in the hallway by an outlet for an hour charging your phone!
  • Attend the networking reception. You’ll find a lot of people who are invested in this industry, and happy to talk about it and listen to you.

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