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What tips would you give to first- time attendees at Digital Signage Expo?”

Here are seven tips to ensure first time attendees have a successful expo experience:

  1. Consider using social media to network ahead of the showwith others from the industry. You can do this by connecting with board members or presenters if you aren’t familiar with other attendees.
  1. Before you arrive, decide what you want to focus on. Pick two or three items you want to learn more about, and look for related information and vendors at the expo.
  1. Download the app! “DSE 2017” will help to keep your schedule straight and prevent you from missing out on the free events available to you! Take time during your flight to Vegas to load your schedule and explore this tool.
  1. Plan to walk the expo floor each day. I came away with something different each time I stepped onto the expo floor, so give yourself multiple opportunities to take it all in.
  1. Give yourself time to absorb.My first day was a bit overwhelming, so don’t feel the need to take it all in on day one. There is plenty of time for that. Do give yourself time to take notes and brainstorm ideas for your own installations.
  1. Connect with others from your industry. The best way to do this is through the industry roundtables, so enroll in advance!
  1. Allow yourself to drool a little bit!There are amazing technologies and products  shared at DSE. While many of us may not have the budget for these awesome items, it never hurts to think about the possibilities. Who knows? You may pleasantly surprise yourself and your organization with a new opportunity!

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