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What tips would you give to first- time attendees at Digital Signage Expo?”

Being a first-time attendee to Digital Signage Expo (DSE) can be overwhelming. The first thing I would say is download the DSE app to your phone or mobile device. The app will help a first-time attendee stay on track. The app contains a list of exhibitors, floor plan and session schedule. In addition, the app will maintain your personalized schedule for any sessions or training courses. A walking map is also included, which helps to direct one to a specific exhibitor based on marked appointments. The app also provides a direct connection to social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn for quick and easy posting and sharing of information. The second thing I would suggest to a first-time attendee is to determine exactly what you are there to learn. Are you looking for a content management system or a particular size display? Narrowing your focus to certain exhibitors can help keep one from becoming overwhelmed too quickly. The third thing I would suggest is making notes when visiting various vendors. Doing so immediately or at least at the end of each day will help ensure that one reaches the objectives for attending.

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