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What tips would you give to first-time attendees at Digital Signage Expo?”

It is that time of the year, and the energy of DSE’s approaching show is in the air! In just a few short weeks, we will all converge in Vegas to see the latest cutting-edge technology and solutions for digital signage and its related industries. As is usual, most of us get bits and pieces of information from the web, work colleagues and sales reps pushing their product base, but at DSE, you get it all in one place.  If this is your first time to the show, there are several items you need to be aware of. 

First of all, go to and register, and then plan your trip at the show by looking at all the conference sessions available to you. To pack the most into your time, plan around the Keynote presentations and general conference sessions on Wednesday and Thursday between the show floor hours. There are also free on-floor workshops to see as well. If you have extra time on Tuesday and Friday, DSE has half-to-full day in-depth classes as well.

What to see, you might ask?  It depends on your industry. I would say, start with industry-specific sessions, workshops and vendors; then expand and talk to others. Everyone has something to give and gain by talking out of your specific vertical.  From the past visits, most people “get their eyes opened” by touching, playing and watching demos of these products.  There is SO much more that most of these products/vendors can do, it can be overwhelming.  But that is why you’re there.  Jump in and go for it!

Going is the first step. Signing up for sessions and workshops is second. Next would be to visit the Digital Signage Federation (Booth 640) and DSE Central Park (Booth 1231) to talk with the helpful members that can help guide you for specific information or vendors that are pertinent to you.

So what is your vertical?  Be it Corporate, Educational, Networking, Restaurants, Retail or Transportation to mention a few, DSE has it all!  I will see you there in a couple of weeks, and I’ll be around if you have any questions…

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