Ask the Board – March 13, 2017 | TERRY McFARLAND


What tips would you give to first- time attendees at Digital Signage Expo?”

Prioritize as much as possible based on your needs, but also look at things that seem way out of your responsibilities. Think of this as a formula that’s two parts known and one part unknown with the outcome being perhaps the best blend of getting what you need while being inspired by things you hadn’t considered.  If you have to mess with the formula, I would only up the “unknown” portion.  You don’t want to leave and think that you missed something important. But, you also don’t want to leave without being influenced by new and creative possibilities. And, if you can bring a partner or two, you can divide, conquer and compare notes! There’s no better moment for creativity than that initial moment of being inspired!  And, these moments are best shared.

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