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How long should it take to properly implement a digital signage system?”

The complete process varies due to any internal processes and custom requirements from the customer. The average-sized implementation from first call to installation to day-one content displaying on the customers’ screens could be four weeks. That being said, each implementation has multiple phases, which means that each customer can begin his or her journey at different phases.

For example, the phases are Discovery, Demonstration/Proof of Concept, Proposal, Quote and Deployment. A client new to this genre will require a more in-depth Discovery and Demonstration Phase, as they typically are working through their requirements and gaining an idea of what they are looking for today to grow into tomorrow. Some of this investigation is done internally at an organization, as well as with a partner. Another client could be replacing a solution that needs to meet their updated requirements, which could require a shorter Discovery Phase.

The Demonstration/Proof of Concept Phase revolves around hands-on understanding of suggested solutions and how they line up with the customer’s needs. During this phase, a customer can revert back to the Discovery Phase based on feedback and if they felt the proposed solution fits their organization and skill set. The customer must feel confident with the final solution. If, upon the Deployment Phase, the customer finds the solution too daunting, they may not use it or use it to its full potential. If that happens, the implementation was a failure. 

Content is another factor that needs to be covered during these Discovery and Demonstration Phases. Does the client have a graphic artist? Do they have a stream of content requests that will help keep what’s on the display fresh? This can change the length of Implementation. 

As the largest AV Integrator, AVI-SPL takes the digital signage rollout process very seriously, from that initial discovery call to day-one content deployment. We make sure the client understands the options available to them, we discuss the objectives and goals, sometimes helping to define them, and verify that the stakeholders who will be driving the installed solution are comfortable and confident with the selection. If AVI-SPL is chosen to deliver content services, we meet with the customer and establish what their needs are for the screen. During that process, templates and layouts are considered, and concepts are designed for approval. Once the installation is completed, content will be ready as well and will be displayed on the screen. 

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