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How long should it take to properly implement a digital signage system?”

Everyone would like to think that implementing a digital signage system is straightforward, easy and can be done very quickly. Well, sometimes it can be, but that isn’t the case most of the time. Determining the length of time it should take to implement a digital signage system can be difficult since there are many factors that can change that timeline greatly. Generally speaking, projects range in complexity due to client requirements, hardware lead times and work environment.

In the best-case scenario, the entire process from discovery through integration can be done in about six to eight weeks. Since no two digital signage networks are the same, it is difficult to provide a consistent turn-around time for every project.

This timeline typically grows depending how complex the system design needs to be and how quickly the designs can be reviewed and approved by the client. The more complex the system is, the more time this process typically takes. Another factor that can extend the timeframe is the procurement of equipment. If the system design calls for standard equipment that is in stock and requires little configuration, then procurement can be pretty quick. Any special order items such as LED panels can have lead times of several weeks. It is important to understand what the lead-time of all your equipment will be prior to telling the end-client what the project timeline will be, and always factor in the time required to test and configure the equipment.

The actual integration and installation of all the hardware components is yet another part of the process that can have time-consuming complications due to the location of the project. Certain areas such as transportation facilities or government buildings will require security checks for each visit. This requires the integrator to plan for extended time onsite.

So how long should it take to properly implement a digital signage system? The answer is truly based on how complex the design of the system is, the lead time/configuration of equipment required and the location of the installations. A good frame of reference is six to eight weeks, but always keep those factors in mind.

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