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How do you test emergency notification functionality on large-scale digital signage networks?”

Plan to test the system when viewership is at its lowest to minimize confusion. When testing, display a message that will not increase anxiety or be confused for an actual safety alert or notification. As an example, “This display can provide useful information to improve your safety. Thank you for your patience as we conduct this system test.”

Some aspects can be tested in a contained manner. Content, RSS, data feeds and interface to other mass notification capabilities can be tested on a subset of the overall system, and based on this success, the test can be broadened.

Authorization to post the message and administrative procedures can be tested during a walk-through, which can serve to remind those involved of roles and responsibilities.

Play-out logs must be examined thoroughly following the message-posting test. This will assure test success at each display and connection point while also confirming play-out logging, as such logs would be required following use of the system in an actual alert or notification situation. 

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