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What are some tips for zoning content?”

When screen operators look to include multiple pieces of content in their displays, they should keep in mind a few best practices to ensure the content is digested, the content is seen and the content brings value to the consumer who will be exposed to it.

  • Digestible – Too much data can make the screen “busy.”  It could make the page feel dense, oversaturated and/or overpopulated.  If you have multiple videos running at the same time, you can really confuse the viewer and have them tune out instead of trying to digest the message.
  • Viewable – Too many pieces of data can confuse the consumer and keep their eyes from focusing in on any one thing, or anything at all. There will be too many objects to look at, and the screen could be ignored. You don’t want to take away from the central content piece of the screen (or the ad that is paying for the impression).  If anything, you want all the pieces to work together…not to fight each other.
  • Value – Many pieces of copy can hide the message that your advertisers are paying for.  While some feel the value of the content will draw consumers eyes to the screen, advertisers may feel that the content is taking away from their message and is de-valuing the ad message.  Some may even look for a lowered CPM since there are too many points of contact and the true impression may be lower than if it was more of a dominating player on the screen.  Integrating the message AND the content does bring strong value to the table though.  Having a weather message played when a weather piece of content is displayed is just smart.  Also, multiple pieces of content all take up valuable real estate – places your paid advertisers could be using for their benefit (and yours).

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